Our mission is to promote and develop our students’ skills, to enable them to cook ‘home style’ Indian food with confidence.

We are a family run business.

Our founder, Amarpal Harrar has been inspired by his experiences living in India as a child.

“I remember the sights and smells from vendors stalls selling delicious authentic street food like samosas, pakoras and tikis in the village in Punjab I come from, I was five at the time.  Just thinking of it makes my mouth water!”

“Further north in Shimla there was the more refined and sophisticated dishes on offer but they all had something in common…

They were all prepared from fresh ingredients and made with passion.”

“I’ll never forget what mum used to say when she was in the kitchen – ‘Using the right amount of spice, in the right combination at the right time leads to foods that are AUTHENTIC.’”

Amarpal is an experienced and inspirational chef who has run classes and team building sessions for many years. It gives him great pleasure to share his expertise and to see the satisfaction and joy on the faces of his students when they are able to take home a meal for two that they have created from scratch.