Our very own take on chinese ribs, a very simple rub that will tantalise those taste buds.


Pork ribs / Leg of pork
Garlic powder
White pepper
Chinese five spice
Chilli powder
Light soy sauce
Mushroom soy


Separate the ribs / dice the leg of pork
Then put the pieces into a large mixing bowl.
Cover the meat with plenty of garlic powder Chinese five spice, cumin and white pepper, plus and a pinch of chilli
Then add in a bit of flour to help the flavours stick to the ribs
Next add a generous ‘glug’ of light soy sauce, mushroom soy to give an extra depth of flavour and little bit of vegetable oil
Mix it thoroughly ensuring them meat is coated in the mixture
It’s best to use your hands. If any of the mixture ‘pools’ at the bottom of the bowl, use a little more flour to soak it up so that it sticks to the meat
Leave the spiced meat to marinate for about 45 minutes, then transfer onto an oven tray and put in the oven on a high heat 220 degrees
Leave it in the over for around 40 minutes until fully the meat is fully cooked
Season with salt, and then put the ribs back in the oven for a further 15 minutes on maximum heat so that they get crispy.