For those about to say iCookIndian, we salute you!

The Facebook Live event this week is……..

Dhaal Week

We will be making (time allowing):

Dhaal Saag

Suki Mung Dhaal


Your shopping list is:

Dhaal Saag –

200g red lentils (soaked overnight)

1 medium onion (sliced)

Ginger garlic paste

Vegetable oil

Garam masala

Dried fenugreek leaf

At least 150g fresh spinach

Regular Spices (see Facebook)


Suki Mung Dhaal –

200g mungbeans (green).  Soak and then cook in water until aldente, then drain.

Spring onions (chopped)

Crushed garlic

Fresh ginger cut in to sticks

1 chopped tomato

Regular spices (see facebook)