We’re currently creating a series of live virtual cooking experiences that we can run using video. (Zoom, Facebook, Skype etc) This allows everyone being able to join in from their own home.

We’re looking at a minimum of 6 participants, with 8 people being ideal. We can manage larger groups, just drop us a line to talk to us about it.

Once the session start running you can book on to an open session and meet new friends. There will also be an option to buy all spaces on a virtual experience and get a discount as a result.

We’ll provide a list of ingredients and cookware needed for each session. A little bit of pre-preparation might be required depending on the recipe. As an example, having your onions chopped beforehand will leave you more time to enjoy the cooking and the company.

You’ll get the recipe for everything you cook so you can amaze your family and friends with your culinary prowess!

Once we have everything ready, we’ll post some dates so you can book your virtual place.